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Agriculture and Infrastructure
To hope to do a business anywhere, one of the first things you need to make sure you've got is land to set up shop. Lobby.Lk assists our clients in this aspect by using government relations to help with tax planning (sometimes even a tax break), get a lease or a permit for a piece of land. We also keep up with the latest laws so that we can help assist further.

Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow's world. However, all great men and women had to start from somewhere. Lobby.Lk assists clients in this sector at all levels, from pre-school to university to achieve their goals and help improve the educational policy when and where there is room for improvement.

Financial Sectors
Every country in the world relies on some monetary system to maintain order. And someone has to make sure this system runs according to plan. Lobby.Lk assists clients in this sector (banks, pensioners, insurance companies) to help them make sure that everything goes according to plan and assist them in achieving their objectives.

Health Care
No matter where in the world you are, healthcare is always something you must have constant access to. Lobby.Lk works with our clients in healthcare to help make it more accessible to the public.

The media controls our lives. From the news we watch to the movies we enjoy to the songs we listen to. The media influences our thoughts and ideas and changes the way we feel. Lobby.Lk works with our clients in the media sector to help them achieve their goals.

Technology and Communications
The world now lives in a technological era. Most everything in our lives depends on some sort of technology to run it. People are even sometimes judged by the state of the pieces of technology that they own. If a company is just starting up or if they are well established, Lobby.Lk assists our clients in this sector to achieve their goals by providing government relations.

Tourism and Leisure
Tourism is the biggest export of Sri Lanka. Since the Sri Lankan civil war ended, Sri Lanka has experienced major boosts in both tourist arrivals as well as foreign exchange revenues. Tourism is one of the country's leading areas for development growth. We at Lobby.Lk use our connections to international lobbying firms so as to bring two different governments together so that tourism between the countries will become more beneficial to all parties involved.

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