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FAQ - Sri Lanka Lobbying

What is Lobbying?
Lobbying is defined as an attempt to influence lawmakers, government officials or regulatory agencies for or against a government action by developing and maintaining government relations.

How can Lobby.Lk help you?
Using our expertise in government relations, we will help establish our clients in formidable and trusted circles. We also provide legislative tracking for our clients to help them achieve their goals.

What does a lobbyist do?
A lobbyist is the person who actually does the lobbying. They are people who work to convince government officials or legislators to write or vote for a law or bill that would help the client in achieving their goals. Also if there is a law that prevents the client from achieving their goals, we will work to convince the people in charge to bend the law so that our client can move on to greater heights.

Where can I obtain information about lobby groups in New Zealand?
The information can be found here.

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