U.S. Lobbying Against Sri Lanka

A spokesman said yesterday that the United States, the prime mover of the resolution on Sri Lanka, has called for another event in Geneva on March 18, 2014 to lobby for support for an international investigation into alleged “human rights violations.

Already, the US called for a similar session on March 7th on the sidelines of the UNHRC session, and about 30 countries interested in Sri Lanka’s issue attended the event. The other co-sponsors of the resolution are the former Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro, the United Kingdom and Mauritius.

The draft resolution, submitted to the UNHRC, calls for impartial investigation into the Weliweriya shooting incident and the purported “attacks” on the places of religious worship, and also asked for an international investigation into the allegations of “human rights violations” and accountability issues.

An External Affairs Ministry spokesman stated on the meeting that took place on March 7th, that the countries which spoke for Sri Lanka, mentioned that “we rejected this resolution” and “it is a bad precedent”. If it is adopted it would have critical weight on the other developing countries tangled in the UN process.

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