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About Us

Lobby.Lk is the very first Sri Lanka lobbyist firm in Sri Lanka as well as the Maldives. (For a definition of lobbying, go to our FAQ page). Based out of Colombo, we work with other lobbying firms across the world to help out our clients.

At Lobby.Lk, we represent institutional clients in big sectors. Our clients are our number one priority here at the firm. We always welcome new clients no matter what they need help with.

It is the lobbyist's responsibility to keep client organizations or NGO's notified of pending legislation, regulatory changes, and potential bills affecting their business environment. So because of these reasons, lobbyists at Lobby.Lk are well connected to lawmakers, regulators and government officials at all times in pursuit of our client advocacy mission. We also work closely with the BOI as well as the UDA to do whatever we can to help our clients to the best of our ability.

Governments pass new bills and laws on a regular basis. These new rules would inevitably affect one or more business sectors. Using our government relations, Lobby.Lk tracks the direction of talks and meetings and if there is a new law about to be passed that is going to affect these sectors, we inform our clients even before the law is passed giving ample time and opportunity to adjust.

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